Whistleblowing Compliance Simplified.

"Confide was built to simplify whistleblowing programs, making reporting more accessible, secure, and compliant. Our goal is to help organizations foster a culture of transparency and integrity, resolving whistleblowing issues before they escalate into crises."

– Pav Gill, Founder & CEO of Confide,
Experienced general counsel, Wirecard whistleblower

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Pav Gill, Founder

"This new platform is a game changer because it not only helps employees that want more dialogue, but also the companies themselves, their investors, regulators, auditors, and ultimately their customers who want to know whats really going on"
- Rachael Johnson, Global Head of Risk Management and Corporate Governance, ACCA

Pav Gill exposed the Wirecard scandal, one of Europe’s largest corporate frauds.

Now he’s on a mission to help organizations mitigate risks internally before they escalate into headlines. Enhance corporate governance and integrity with Confide, a high-tech platform that protects your organization by giving individuals the confidence to speak up internally about suspicious activity and misconduct.

Whistleblowing solutions today are under utilized.



Companies say whistleblower reports are on the rise, but...



Admit to exposing the identity of whistleblowers.

We understand the challenges faced by whistleblowers and investigators, which is why we have developed a platform that provides industry-leading compliance

Empower employees to speak up via our secure whistleblowing platform.


Secure and anonymous channels for misconduct reporting, ensuring your staff and vendors can report integrity issues safely.



Advanced encryption technologies keep whistleblowers secure, aligning with the latest compliance standards.



Centralized knowledge empowers all stakeholders, enhancing governance processes and safeguarding your company’s integrity.



Build trust, secure your future.

We offer a unique customized onboarding experience tailored to help your organization launch its program and achieve organization-wide buy-in.

Confide is the leading whistleblowing software, built by an award-winning whistleblower.

Pre-empt Whistleblowing crises with our end-to-end platform.

Knowledge Base

Access the latest in regulatory compliance, whistleblowing norms, and industry best practices.

Encrypted Chat

Ensure confidential discussions remain within your organization.

Expert Case Management

Streamline reporting, enhance risk management.

Confidant: expert case management for confident decision-making.

Leverage our independent consultants’ decades of experience to handle cases with excellence. Confidant bridges the gap between your whistleblowing program, evolving stakeholder needs, and tech advancements. Lead with integrity and give stakeholders a platform they can trust.

Guard against costly integrity beaches


More than just advice. Confidant provides your organization with a gateway to the best industry talent curated to run your program at an affordable cost.


An independent function reporting to your designated internal team, risk committees or board.


Solidify shareholder confidence with a best-in-class program independently run by industry experts.

Transform governance today.

Protect your stakeholders with our expert guidance.