The story behind the brand.

Confide was born following Pav Gill's courageous whistleblowing in the €24 billion Wirecard scandal. An experienced Magic Circle lawyer and fintech general counsel, Pav has witnessed firsthand the challenges organizations face in handling internal reports, from data breaches and HR conflicts to financial crimes. This inspired him to create a technology solution that serves as a secure reporting tool with the ability to conduct investigations entirely within the platform.

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Pav Gill

My Mission

After exposing Wirecard, I want to see fewer cases like mine. Confide was built to democratize access to top-tier whistleblowing, corporate investigations, and compliance software. Our goal is to make it easier and more accessible for companies to manage risks within their organizations, ultimately creating a more trusted business landscape.

Building A Trusted Future

Our products are designed to streamline and enhance the management of sensitive compliance topics. We continually develop and release a suite of tools that improve employee engagement, build stakeholder trust, mitigate risks and provide you with the resources needed to perform your job effectively.


To Craft The Future Of Trust In Business

Confide's goal is to be every organization’s integrity hub and portal for governance, risk and compliance.

Building impact that echoes worldwide:


"This new platform is a game changer because it not only helps employees that want more dialogue, but also the companies themselves, their investors, regulators, auditors, and ultimately their customers who want to know whats really going on"
- Rachael Johnson, Global Head of Risk Management and Corporate Governance, ACCA

Transform governance today.

Step away from outdated and ineffective solutions. It’s time for a solution that doesn’t just promise but delivers.