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Confide is the world's only risk management technology solution built by an award-winning whistleblower with industry-leading legal, risk, and compliance experts. Protect stakeholders, boost compliance, and proudly demonstrate your organization’s commitment to integrity with Confide.

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Pav Gill

Transforming adversity into advocacy.

The journey to topple a tower of corruption is rare and arduous. This is the journey Pav Gill, Founder & CEO of Confide, embarked on as the whistleblower in the Wirecard scandal. His experience, marked by personal challenges, ignited a passion to protect businesses and whistleblowers alike.

Confide is the embodiment of this vision – a platform that gives companies the tools to address wrongdoing before a scandal erupts.

Pav’s commitment to transparency and integrity is the bedrock of Confide, fostering a culture of accountability and trust. With Confide, we’re not just implementing a tool; we're revolutionizing ethical business practices.


Advancing the world’s evolution to a more ethical business landscape.

At Confide, we are bound by the mission of accelerating the world’s transformation to a more ethical business landscape with world-class whistleblowing and GRC solutions to protect your organization and key stakeholders.

Building impact that echoes worldwide:

Discover more about the inspiration and vision behind Confide, a story celebrated and shared by top global media outlets.


Transform governance today.

Step away from outdated and ineffective solutions. It’s time for a solution that doesn’t just promise but delivers.